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Baby & Newborn Sleep Solutions
I can provide Sleep Solutions for all families. Listening to your needs and providing a bespoke solution to enable you and your family to achieve all the sleep you would like, where you would like.

When planning these Sleep Solutions with you I may talk about these topics:
  • Safe Co-Sleeping
  • Gradual Retreat
  • Inappropriate Sleep Associations
  • Controlled Crying
  • Night Waking
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • What is a “normal” amount of sleep for each age and developmental stage
  • Understanding Sleep Cycles
  • Early Rising
  • Late Settling
  • Night Feeding
  • Bedtime Rules and Routines

Depending on the situation I may ask you to fill in a Sleep Diary -this is not a test but a way of me being able to see what is going on for you and your family. After analysis of this and discussion we can jointly make a Sleep Solution, there is not one Sleep Solution that fits all families.

After an Initial Consultation I can also provide Daily Support by email text or phone. Please click this link to see my prices.

Knowing when your baby needs to sleep can be difficult. Too early and they may not be tired and too late and they may not be able to settle.

These are the Top 6 Sleeping Cues in a young baby:
  • Pulling ears
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Crying or whining easily
  • Gazing around the room
  • Not interested in toys
  • Decreased activity

Sleeping Safely:
  • Your babies feet should be at the end of the Moses Basket/Crib or Cot so he/she cannot get smothered by the bedding
  • Babies are safest lying on their backs to sleep
  • The room the baby is sleeping in should not be too hot or too cold.
  • No Smoking in the babies living space
  • Know when your baby is unwell and seek prompt medical help
  • Co-Sleeping needs to be planned

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